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All in One Bonus Course (With Resell Rights)

All in One Bonus Course (With Resell Rights)

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*Please know that once you purchase this bundle, you will automatically be emailed a few things. You’ll receive 7 individual files for the 7 guides/ebooks That make up this bundle. Opening each individual one this way will allow you to go through and read each one as a file. You’ll Also receive a document with all 7 guides/ebooks listed as links. This is for those who would like to open up each of the 7 guides/ebooks In Canva, so that you can revise and edit things and resell. Each link will open up in Canva. So create an account on Canva to make things easier.*
All you need in a bundle! Get 7 courses (valued at $568) for 1 discounted price. It’s literally EVERYTHING you need to get the ball rolling. The best part is, these courses (except for the video) can be resold! A win is a win.

Check out the listed modules:

  1. From Concept to Customer:
  • Description: Learn the ins and outs of marketing both physical and digital products. Explore the pros and cons of each, and discover multiple strategies for effective marketing. Gain insights into promoting products on Instagram and discover eye-catching photo and video editing techniques. Video demonstration included.
  1. 30 Day Digital Product Checklist:
  • Description: A comprehensive calendar-style checklist guiding you from day 1 to day 30, which would be the launch day. This checklist ensures you cover all essential tasks when preparing and launching your digital product.
  1. Shanelle Janai’s Ebook Cheat Sheet:
  • Description: Unlock the secrets of successful e-book creation with this cheat sheet. Covering pricing strategies, Canva elements, add-ons for increased sales, and valuable advice on effective promotion, this cheat sheet is a must-have.
  1. Creating Your Profitable E-book/Course in 5 Simple Steps:
  • Description: Dive into the step-by-step process of creating a profitable e-book or course. Explore the essentials, from discovering your passion to finding the right template, planning chapters, fostering creativity, and maximizing profits.
  1. The Cheat Code: Effortless DIY Digital Product Creation:
  • Description: Immerse yourself in this video-only course where you'll visually learn how to create digital products, including e-books, templates, and courses. Discover the art of creating your own products and find pre-made, ready-to-resell digital products.
  • This is a VIDEO ONLY course. So recreate my video and have fun with it! 
  1. The Complete CANVA GUIDE:
  • Description: A comprehensive guide that meticulously explores every feature of the Canva platform. Designed for both beginners and experienced designers, this course empowers individuals to unleash their creativity, craft visually stunning graphics, presentations, and social media content.
  1. The FACELESS Wealth Guide
  • Description: Discover the art of thriving on Instagram incognito with the Faceless Wealth Guide. Unveil strategies for successful digital product sales, captivating captions, and engaging content creation.

These resources collectively form the "All in One Bonus Course," offering a comprehensive knowledge base for both potential and current business owners seeking success in the digital product space. Each item contributes uniquely to your understanding of product creation, marketing, and profitability.

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